The Do’s and Don’ts of Selling Your House

Real Estate Agent Selling Your HouseConsidering selling your house? Putting your house up for sale on the real estate market can be a challenging and confusing prospect. We see homeowners make the same mistakes over and again. We’ve put together a simple list of the do’s and don’ts of selling your house. Follow these easy tips for listing and selling your home for guaranteed success.

Do Hire a Professional Realtor

While it seems desirable to sell you home alone to avoid paying fees to a real estate agent, it could cost you more in the long term. Licensed agents know the laws and the proper paperwork to make your sale legal. Hiring a professional will help you avoid mistakes that could cause major problems or even legally void your sale.

Don’t Price Too High

Setting the price too high can backfire and drive potential buyers away. This is another case in which an agent can help. They know the comparable median prices in your neighborhood and can give you a valid and fair estimate as to how much your home might fetch. Remember, your house is worth whatever the market is willing to pay for it.

Do Prepare Your Home for Sale

Making an effort to spruce things up a bit increases interest in your home. With a little time and minimal cost, you can make a big difference. Keep the yard neat and trim. Clean up clutter inside the home. Give the main room a fresh coat of paint in clean, fresh, bright and neutral colors. Shampoo the carpeting. Ask your agent about staging the home. Consider your home as a store window. How will you entice a potential customer to walk in?

Don’t Neglect Maintenance Issues

In addition to tidying up the house, it is important to fix any major issues. Don’t just assume you can write them off as the new owner’s problems. It could turn away potential buyers if the roof is in significant disrepair, or if there are holes in the walls, or if pipes are apparently leaking. No need to do a whole house remodel, but definitely take care of any major issues before listing.

Do Be Flexible

It is important for the home to be ready to be shown at almost a moments notice. Have a plan for a quick tidy and places you can go to wait out a showing. Make the house available after business hours and weekends to maximize times for other working families. Own pets? Make sure to make arrangements for them during visits. Also, be willing to read offers with an open mind.

Don’t Skip on Marketing

It is not enough to simply put a For Sale sign in the front yard. Utilize as many avenues to get the word out: social media, realtor websites, print materials. Take plenty of pictures. The more people see of your house, the more they may be willing to come and visit your house.

Do Read the Fine Print

After going through the trouble to fix and prepare your home for sale, then show to countless shoppers and then finally to have a contract – don’t get careless. The legal aspects of selling a house seem tedious. But make sure to read the paperwork carefully. Remember once you sign, you are legally bound to the terms and conditions.

Don’t Get Emotionally Attached

It is understandable that the home holds many happy memories for you and your family. Make sure to remain as neutral as possible. Let go of personal features and make the house appealing to everyone. Don’t feel hurt if a buyer wants to undo anything or everything you have done to make the house your own. Allow them the opportunity to envision what their home could be.

This list of do’s and don’ts of selling your house couple be super helpful when listing and selling your home. JJ Fegan is here to help your from the start to when you sign the dotted line.




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